Outlook Express Automation Library (OELib)


Outlook Express does not support automation by itself (unlike Microsoft Outlook, which comes as a part of Microsoft’s Office suite). Microsoft does not provide any SDK, Automation or Plugin interface for Outlook Express. OELib was developed to remove this limitation and to provide an easy to use object model to developers who wish to interact with and control Outlook Express from their applications.

OELib provides an object model/API (Application Programming Interface) for Outlook Express enabling you to easily develop applications/plug-ins/add-ins for it. OELib exposes an object model similar to the automation interface of Microsoft Outlook so that the developers who have already worked with Microsoft Outlook automation will feel at home working with it. OELib is a COM component (ActiveX DLL) that can be easily used in any COM aware programming language like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, etc. It is written using ATL and does not have any additional third party dependencies.


  • Add, Delete, & Enumerate mail folders in Outlook Express.
  • Enumerate, Read, and Delete messages in a given folder.
  • Move messages from one folder to another.
  • Get selected folder or Message.
  • Notifications for certain events (e.g. new mail).
  • Add a custom toolbar to Outlook Express with clickable logo and buttons.


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Download Demo

Click here to download a demo with VB6 and VC++ samples.



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